OLPH Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite

Slava Isusu Christu!   Slava Na Viki!   -   Glory to Jesus Christ!   Glory Forever!

Welcome Guests and Friends

Rev. Fr. Yuriy Oros, Administrator
Rev. Vasyl Sokolovych, Parochial Vicar
Reverend Myron Badnerosky -Pastor Emeritus

1773 Woodbourne Road, Levittown, PA 19057
Mail Address - BOX 777, Levittown, PA 19058-0777
Residence – 2 Coral Rock Road, Levittown, PA 19057* (Residence) 215-968-8707*email: frvasylolph@gmail.com

Services for November

  • Nov 1 - 7:00pn Divine Liturgy
  • Nov 2 - 5:30pm –Vigil Liturgy 21st Sunday After Pentecost
  • Nov 3 - 9:00am – Divine Liturgy 21st Sunday After Pentecost
  • Nov 8 - 7:00pn Divine Liturgy Feast of St. Michael and All Angels
  • Nov 9 - 5:30pm –Vigil Liturgy 22nd Sunday After Pentecost
  • Nov 10 - 9:00am – Divine Liturgy 22nd Sunday After Pentecost
  • Mystery of Forgiveness (Confession) Fr. Vasyl is available for Confession on Saturdays from 4:45 to 5:15 and Sundays from 8:15 to 8:45. If these times are not convenient for you, please make an appointment with Fr Vasyl.

    There have been 86249 visitors since Christmas 2014.


    If you are a visitor to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we want you to know how welcome you are; whether you have come from another part of the country, from across the world, or simply from another parish. We hope you find our worship true and reverent and our people here friendly and cordial. If you are seeking a spiritual home, we would be honored by your presence in our family. For more information about becoming a parishioner, please see me.

    Fr. Vasyl

    Rev. Fr. Yuriy Oros, Administrator

    Should you have any additional pastoral needs, concerns, sick calls, funerals, liturgy intentions, etc. please call me at (908) 381-2764 or email me at yuriyorosit@gmail.com

     Please leave a message if I am not available and I will respond as soon as possible. 

    Fr. Yuriy

    Return to Standard Time on
    Sunday November 3

    Standard Time resumes on Sunday, November 3rd. Remember to “Fall Back” – turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday, November 2!!!

    22nd Sunday After Pentecost

    In this Sunday’s Gospel (Luke8:41-56), we learn about the woman who for 12 years had a bleeding problem that doctors were unable to cure.  Jesus is on his way to the house of Jairus a ruler of the Synagogue, to heal his sick daughter.  Crowds were pressing Jesus from all sides.  The woman believe that by just touching the cloak of Christ, she would be healed and as Jesus made his way past her, she touched the hem of his cloak and was immediately healed. Jesus immediately responds to the woman. People were pushing and pressing into Him from all over, yet He stops, turns, and asks, “Who touched my clothes?” The disciples were incredulous, but Jesus knew that healing power had gone out of Him. We can’t “steal” a miracle from God. After the woman comes forward and explains herself, Jesus clears up any misconceptions about her healing, saying, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” God is moved to action by our faith, even when He’s in the middle of doing something else

    Help Serve Our Parish

    If any men are interested in serving as an Altar Server, please let Fr Vasyl know. Also, if anyone is interested in reading the Epistle at the Divine Liturgy or Holding the candle (Trojica) during the reading of the Epistle please let Fr Vasyl know know.

    If you have any ideas and would like to help organizing any activities on the parish, or feel that you could help the parish in any way – Father Yuriy or Fr.Vasyl would be happy to hear it. Please donate your time to the church, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Our Divine Liturgy

    There are so many wonderful things that happen during the Divine Liturgy. If you went to Liturgy every day of your life, you would still be discovering its wonders at the end of your life. There is nothing like the Liturgy.The Eucharist is another wonder we experience on Liturgy. We believe that during the Liturgy, a simple piece of bread and a cup of wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus. That is amazing! (play the audio below for more)

    Hear more:

    Annual Special Assessment

    As you might know, the financial situation at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish has for some time now been challenging. Costs for heating oil last winter, enhanced lighting in the parking lot etc. have taken their toll on available cash while at the same time, income from collections has just about kept pace with outflows due to operating expenses. Because of this, it was determined that re-implementing the annual assessment has become necessary.

    This assessment, which is voluntary in nature, will be collected during the month of October 2019. We are requesting $250 per family however, we will most gratefully accept contributions in amounts that donors, after prayerful consideration, are comfortable giving. To contribute: Please use one of the envelopes marked “SPECIAL OFFERING” found within your packet. Please write “Assessment” on the envelope as well as the amount of your gift, your name and address then, place it in the collection basket, drop it off at the rectory or, mail it in. We thank you in advance for your participation and invite you to contact Father Yuriy or Father Vasyl with any questions or concerns that you may have.


    ….  If you see someone in church that you do not know – stop and say hello and welcome them to OLPH.  Your friendly greeting will help them to decide to make OLPH their spiritual home.  Make sure you introduce newcomers to Fr. Vasyl.  Don’t be shy!

    Contacting You!

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    St Nicholas Banquet

    Save the Date! Our annual St Nicholas celebration will be held on Sunday, December 8 at Georgine's in Bristol starting at 11:30am. The Divine Liturgy will be moved to 10am on that Sunday. Stay tuned for more details!


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    Stay in Touch with Tim

    Write to Tim: Tim Fariss, Byzantine Catholic Seminary, 3605 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214